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Breaking Barriers

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Missing Peace Solutions offers a series of courses designed for Breaking Barriers, so you can Climb to the next Level Up

We also offer Group Coaching, and One on One coaching that focuses on parenting, relationships, health, and career tailored to your level of where you are at in your life, and where you want to go next.    

Missing Peace Solutions is here to support you in “what’s next” for you and your life. Check out our three-part series of courses coming up below.

Join us for BREAKING BARRIERS October 7th-9th, so you can CLIMB  to the next LEVEL UP  and see what exciting future lies ahead for you!

Rebecca Scoville Life and Relationship Coach
NEW BREAKING BARRIERS Course! (known as The Journey to past graduates) Proven steps to move forward, gain confidence, and breakthrough

Private ONE-ON-ONE Coaching sessions ARE Available

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Breaking Barriers

Our first course in our three-part series will:

* Inspire you to be on a continual path of GROWTH in your life.

*Learn effective tools to achieve any goal in your life.

*Learn how to set boundaries in a healthy loving way before conflict arises.

*Learn and embrace HONEST, OPEN communication to promote CLOSENESS in your relationships

*Learn what is holding you back from your full potential and gain valuable tips and tools to overcome it for good.



This second course will take the principles you learned in BREAKING BARRIERS and teach you how to apply and use them in your life.

CLIMB is an exciting and rigorous process. In 4 days you will:
* Go through exercises that were designed to support you with the breakthroughs in your belief system.

* Challenge your awareness, your inner strength, and experience yourself breaking through your limiting beliefs.

* Remember and connect with your true essence.

* Gain a new desire to continue to live your life in an advanced manner on the other side of this CLIMB.

*Teach and inspire you to create the life you desire and deserve while learning the truth of who you are.

Level up

Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit. We are going to give you 90 days to implement the principles and tools learned in the previous courses, combined with daily coaching to help put your vision for your life into concrete actions that create extraordinary results.

• Experience yourself being a leader in your life, relationships, and career.

• Set a course for a future that may have seemed improbable if not impossible before BREAKING BARRIERS.

• Master the principles of personal accomplishment, transformation, and leadership.

• Learn what it takes to challenge yourself and achieve excellence in all areas of your life.

• Experience yourself working with a team of leaders. Holding each other accountable and supporting one another to achieve at a higher rate of success.